And the creek still runs through the fields and woods.
But the post with the old tin cup has rotted away,
surrendering to time but not memory. Not memory.

Remember how we swam, buck naked in that cold water?
Even on the hottest days, cold as hell.
But we didn’t care did we? We were young then. Young.

And I remember how you brought that girl there. I was mad.
That was our place, the boys place in the woods.
And you stole a kiss from her, I suppose I was jealous.

Then we laughed it off and we were alright, boys forever.
And I remember sitting in lawn chairs, feet in the water
with homebrew in a jar, and throwing it up later.

Time and circumstance have taken their toll,
luck and wisdom favor some and not others.
I miss those days. I miss you my friend.

We can never return can we, to those innocent days?
Turn back the clock and hide from life.
But for me, we will always be there, always friends.

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