Bathroom Vanity

Ok folks, this is an experiment. Quite a long time ago I wrote a serious poem called, “Full Length Mirror.” I have had more hits on that poem than any other post I have ever published. The reason most likely is that people shop online and that is something people look for. So I’m writing another poem and calling it “Bathroom Vanity.” It’s a real poem so give it a read and I will let you all know if I start getting lots of traffic because of it. Here goes!

Every time I look in the mirror
a face looks back at me.
He smiles when I smile
frowns when I frown.
Does he know who I am?
Can he see into my eyes?
When I look away
I see a room.
It looks like my bathroom.
But it’s his.
He’s standing in it,
not in mine.
Sometimes I think I know him.
He is familiar to me.
But when I look into his eyes
I am confused.
I want to know him,
he’s always there.
Looking at me.
Does he know me?
Does he know all my faults?
Who I am,
who I am not?
What could he tell me
about myself?
Somehow, I must get to
know him.
The man who stares
from the bathroom vanity.

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