Hello blog readers! I know it’s been quite a while since I have written a post and mostly it’s through my own neglegence. It’s summer and I usually stay busy. This summer is no exception. Well it’s Labor Day weekend here. In the U.S. Labor Day is celebrated to remember all those workers who came before you and all those who work today to bring you all the things you take for granted. The labor movement in this country was started to protest the fact that laborers had no rights. People worked 12 hour days, six days a week. The only reason they didn’t work seven days a week is because in those days the church still held some power and insisted businesses be closed on Sundays. There was child labor also. Children as young as three years old worked in factories helping the adults. There were little or no breaks and basically no safety. People regularily died on the job and those who didn’t died at home from disease or being worked to death. And so when you think about your job, remember this. The only reason you have a 40 hour week, 8 hour day, vacation pay, sick pay, living wages, and basically any other benefits from your employer is because people fought and died to make sure you have these things. Most employers do not give them freely.

Now I’ll step down off my soap box. Life in the country is generally good. Today it’s sunny and warm with a strong breeze blowing across the fields. The GMO corn and soybeans are growing nicely. Long tassles on the corn. The farmer who owns the land is trying to get three hay crops but because we had such a late spring I’m not sure he’s going to do it. In June we had rain 22 days out of 30. I had to man the sump pump continuously for about a week. Until about a week ago we have had no rain since then. Now that the rains have come back, so have the frogs. Mostly leopard frogs and tree frogs. The frogs and snakes jump and slither out of the way of the lawn mower.

We had to take our dog Sophie to the vet this week. She has some kind of seasonal allergies. Itching so bad she’s chewing her feet and legs and hardly enjoying life at all. Now she’s on an antibiotic and a steroid and feeling much better. Back to chasing frogs and cats and any other foolhardy thing that crosses her path.

Recently I aquired a free fishing boat. A speach therapist that our friend goes to offered it up. He said it has sat in the weeds on his property for several years and now he wants to clear the land and if I wanted it I could have it. So I pulled it home and cleaned it up. Of course it needs a little work. I bought new lights and wiring which still need to be installed. I also bought the licences for the trailer and boat so we’re legal. The trailer needed a new coupler before I could even pull it home. So it sits in our yard, where every good fishing boat should be, waiting for me to fix it up. At the very least I’ll get it done before winter so we can use it in the spring.

Well, that’s all I have today. Life is good here. The Defeat of Jeese James Days begins this coming week in Northfield Minnesota. The infamous bank robber Jeese James and his gang attempted to rob the Northfield bank on September 7th, 1876 but were thwarted by the good people of Northfield. Two robbers were killed, the three Younger brothers were captured and Jeese and Frank James got away but pretty much ended they’re bank robbing career. The city of Northfield holds this celebration every year with a parade, Beer garden, Bingo, lots of food, Bank raid reenactments, a Rodeo, art fairs, classic car show, running marathons, bike races and much more. I grew up in Northfield and it was a fun time for us kids when we were young. So I hope you all are enjoying your summer. Bye!

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