Supporting Israel

palestine bombing

If any of my readers or any one you know supports the cause of Israel in their fight against the Palestinians or their neighboring Arab countries because of your Christian beliefs, you should read this article from the Huffington post. It is written by a Canadian Muslim and tells about the covenant that God made with the Hebrew people over the “Holy Land.” According to the Bible, there are many stipulations that Israel must fulfill in order for the Jews to be the “chosen people.” Again, according to the Bible, the Jews do not simply have a “divine right” to the “Holy Land,” nor are they the “chosen people” by default. They have a covenant with God that they must fulfill. Do yourself a favor and read this. It is called “When Israel remembers their covenant, they will change the world.” It will help you in deciding how to feel about this awful tragedy. Here is the link.

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  1. Thanks for continuing to stick your neck out.

    Actually, you are educating the Faribault people about this issue better than ANYONE else can. You ARE a Faribault-people.


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