Life Is Like That, I Guess.

So, it occurred to me that I have not written a regular post here in quite a while. And since today I have the time and inclination, here we go. Sophie and I went for our morning walk, as we do every morning unless the weather is so bad as to be dangerous. She is two and a half years old now. I would like to say that she is maturing into an adult dog but that would be a lie. She is just as much a puppy today as she ever was. Mischievous and playful, ever curious, she runs and leaps for joy on a daily basis. She has brought much joy into ours lives and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Our neighborhood has changed with the seasons as it always does and that’s comforting I guess. It’s good to know we haven’t completely ruined the world yet. The GMO corn and soybeans are growing like mad with the humid, damp weather we have had. Surprisingly, we have had only one 90 degree day so far this summer. But 80 degrees and lots of rain and humidity are great for growing crops. Thankfully, I wasn’t home for the annual “Spraying of the Poison” herbicides and pesticides our farmer uses on his crops. The tractor driver shows up in a full HazMat suit complete with oxygen. He must know how wonderful this stuff is, and yet sprays it anyway. And why, you ask? Well because they pay him of course. Anything for more money, right?

The cat tail swamp, of which I have written before, is growing great this year. It’s about twice as big as it was last year. As I mentioned, we have had lots of rain. A full weeks worth in June gave me a flooded basement and rising lakes and rivers. Lots of flooding, damaged houses and other property. We were featured on the evening news quite a lot then. All this rain has also given us lots of bugs. Mosquitoes and gnats are driving us crazy and making me long for Autumn. The ditch grass has also been growing and continues to reveal lots of wild flowers. Sophie would love to go rambling through it but I don’t let her because it’s full of ticks, and I don’t mean the nervous kind. Ticks carry diseases for humans and pets so check them over very carefully every day. That’s my public service announcement.

I was thinking of going on a rant about the serious situation in Gaza but I will just say this. Watch the news (NOT FOX) read the papers, get the real story. Find out why Israel has been allowed to keep Palestine hostage since 1948. Cement walls and razor wire Apartheid and no one does a goddamn thing about it. Now Israel is bombing them, killing men, women and children because Hamas (which isn’t much loved by the Palestinians but they are stuck with them just as they are with Israel) is firing rockets in frustration at being held captive since 1948! How would anyone react at having been held in captivity their entire life? How would you?

Sorry, I just feel very strongly about that. So, life here in the country is good. I never have enough time to write I and don’t make any money at it so I have to work a real job. Life is like that, I guess.

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