It’s Always Been The Music

In the early years it was country
concerts with mom and dad.
Johnny Cash at 10 years old.
Then A.M radio and Rock and Roll.
WDGY, The Beatles, The Cyrcle, and
The Grass Roots at the local college.
Late nights with KQRS FM. Led Zepplin,
Hendricks and Janis Joplin.
I was so enamored with the music I
had to play. Drums at 13. It was 1969.
I was too young for the summer of love
but played like i wasn’t, and ever since.
It’s always been the music.


  1. Music seems to become MORE important to lots of people a they get into their sixties and seventies. I did not expect that to be happening.


  2. On my bucket list is to play the drums some day. Love music and the whole month of July here is all about art. I have been spending my time kicked back in a chair and listening to music lately. Happy Day 🙂


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