The Ball

Here’s a creepy little bed time story for you.

There she is, dancing. Whirling and twirling and laughing out load. Having the time of her life. Her beautiful gown sparkling in the ballroom lights. And the young man she is with? He’s very tired. He feet hurt, his legs ache and he is not smiling. He’s in pain. Sweat beads on his forehead and for some strange reason, he cannot let go of her hand. She never notices.

He had asked her to the ball. She thought it strange that this young man would ask her. She knew him from town, saw him always with a pretty girl on his arm. She thought of herself as plain and ordinary, but when he asked her she said yes. Who knows? She might never get a chance to go to a real ball again. She played records on her parents Victrola, swirling about the room, dancing by herself. She loved the music, and loved to dance.

She took her savings and bought a gown. A beautiful thing in silver and white with shoes to match. Her mother warned her about young men and what they have on their minds. But she was going to the ball. Nothing else mattered. When Saturday night came around she dressed in her gown and waited on the sofa. He never came. An hour after the ball had begun, she went upstairs, took off the beautiful gown and carefully hung it in the closet. She put on her plain dress and went out. At the ballroom she slipped in through a side door and stood in the shadows. The music and the lights made her swoon. She slowly looked through the crowd and finally saw him. He was dancing with a pretty girl. She put her face in her hands and turning away, she ran from the ballroom. It had begun to rain while she was inside and she ran all the way home sobbing.

Why had he asked her? She never knew. In fact, he asked her on a dare. His friends thought it would be funny. They even put up a little money to entice him, said he would never do it. So he asked, and was surprised when she said yes. But he wouldn’t take her he told them, he already had someone else in mind.

When she arrived at home she ran up to her room. Wet and cold she threw herself on the bed. Screaming and crying she cursed his name. Before long she was asleep and she feel into a dream. The young man disappeared from the ball that night. His date and his friends looked for him but he wasn’t there. In the weeks and years after, no one ever saw him again.

She lays there still. Her head resting on her pillow, a slight smile on her lips. She is locked in a dream that will never release her. She is dancing. Whirling and twirling and laughing out loud. Having the time of her life. And the young man? Oh he’s there too. But for him it is not the same. He cannot stop dancing. And he is in pain. Terrible pain.

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