Update “2”

So at 1:20 a.m. I woke up to loud thunder and constant lightning. I got up to check on things and found water leaking from the top of my kitchen window. As I was getting towels for the floor the high level alarm went off for my septic system. So down I went to take care of the alarm and while in the basement I checked on the room that leaks. Water was pouring in like a faucet. Outside I went in the lightning and torrential rain to open the window. Back down stairs to shove the hose out. Back outside to pull the hose out and away from the house. Back downstairs to turn on the sump pump. Whew!

I laid down for an hour then went to check on the pump. Still running, I laid down again and then shut off the pump and pulled in the hose. Outside I discovered the wind had blown over the window and broke the glass. Now I have an open window and water in the basement. Tonight after work I’ll have to pump more and fix the window.

So I imagine the mosquitos making babies in the water of my basement and when I go down there tonight it will be like one of those horror movies. A giant slimy “thing” will be in the dark corner waiting for me, something mosquito-like but large and feeding on farm chemicals from the water. It will have consumed my furnace and will be inhaling the natural gas drooling and slimming everything up and I will walk into the room and be attacked and eaten. My wife will not come looking for me because there are spiders and stuff and she will just assume I drowned and she’ll just move out and remarry. (Not really, of course.)

It has been raining for five days. And guess what? More rain is forecast for the next three days. Yeah, I love Minnesota.


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