Well it’s been a little while since I’ve written about my little slice of heaven in rural Minnesota. We’ve had numerous bouts of rain here but not much hot weather until this week. It’s supposed to get hot and humid now, my least favorite weather. The GMO corn and beans are planted in the fields and sprayed with poison and are growing nicely. The farmer doesn’t warn us when he’s going to spray so we have to watch carefully and guess how long it will be before cancer or brain damage sets in. Because of all the rain everything is really growing fast. The cat tails are getting huge and the wild cucumber is starting to take over the trees again. Discarded booze bottles and beer cans are beginning to fill the ditches once more as the drinking and driving summer sport season takes hold. I wonder who’ll win? Gold Finches,  Hummingbirds, Redwing Blackbirds and Turkeys abound. We watched a couple of deer get scared out of the woods last night by a lightening strike and run across the field. We stayed in the house. Another storm is forecast for today.

Sophie is napping beside me as I sit in my lawn chair enjoying the morning before work. It’s a beautiful day.

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