Blades Of Grass

Blades of grass, rubbing together in a strong wind
make the slithery sound of a snake across sand.
A single piece of grass held taught between thumbs
becomes a reed with which to blow a shrill note.

Blades of grass woven together become a hat
to shade your head from the sun.
Or a roof for your hut or a seat for a chair
or a basket to gather your food in.

Blades of grass inspired Whitman’s leaves
and inspires cows to grow fat and children
to roll on the ground greening their knees.
Grass inspires Dandelions to pretty up the lawn.

Blades of grass, a green ocean in the wind.
Covering the lawns, the ditches, the fields,
the greens, the pitches, the everywhere that
there isn’t something else. Everywhere.

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