Faribault Daily News 2

My blog has finally appeared on the Faribault Daily News website. I’ve decided to call it “Doing Something” and I’m going to blog about hobbies. Lots of people have hobbies and others should! Here is a link to my blog. If this doesn’t work I’ll fix it later. You can search for the “Faribault Daily News” and scroll down while looking on the left side. You will come to a “Community Blogs” heading and you should see mine there.Tell the world!


  1. Congratulations! I was not able to get the link to work, but I didn’t have any trouble finding your blog. I like your choice of subject matter. Hobbies can be for anyone, so you’ll have a broad audience. Plus, you may be able to gather ideas and material for magazine articles targeting a specific group such as teens or senior citizens. Good luck with your new blog.


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