Fantasy Morning

Sparkling, dancing, water fairies follow my footsteps
as pelicans and cormorants play unfettered.
Geese call out a warning and move away.
Yellow headed lions stand above the grass watching me.
Fantasy and reality blend in the pale yellow sunlight.
Ground squirrels flee, chirping and waving their tails,
disappearing into safety underground.
Tera-dactyls fly overhead with great wings searching.
Red bellies bang their heads on trees as the breeze
ruffles feathers of white and black.
As the sun brightens and the air warms, cloven
hoofed tracks are visible, revealing a night trail.
Bees hum their way across the yellow lions
settling here and there. Pollen gathers on tiny
legs and floats in the shimmering air. Lucky the lions
have no teeth. Mosquitoes glide with motors humming,
armed with needles looking for a meal. The quiet
of the morning interrupted by the crunching of my
footsteps on gravel; agates reveal themselves
in the aftermath. In the long grass, tiny beings
peek out warily watching me go. A sigh of relief.

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