Nipples Or Ticks?

wood tick 023

As you may know, Tick season is in full bloom in Minnesota. For those of you who have a dog you know this means constant vigilance in keeping the ticks off your pooch. Our female Husky/Malamute loves to be outside, loves to run and roll in the grass and she gathers ticks like a rolling stone doesn’t gather moss. She also loves a good belly rub. So we have to play this game of, “Nipples or Ticks.” I know. I know, but it’s a reality. We have to make sure she doesn’t have ticks on her belly which is the area of the shortest hair. So, searching her over every day is a summer ritual and let me tell you, you want to be sure that what you’re pulling on isn’t one of her nipples! Thus the game. I know. My wife Ann suggested this blog post so you can blame her.


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