Schrödinger’s Refrigerator Door

In my previous post I wrote about Schrödinger’s cat. (See previous post.) If this guy can get paid for thinking up stuff like that then so can I, so here goes. My refrigerator door, when opened and held in just the right spot will stay open by itself. I live in an old farm house and the kitchen has a slanted floor. If I nudge the door slightly one way or the other it will either open further or close. Say that I leave it in the neutral position and leave the room. Tiny changes in the air currents in my kitchen caused by, a) the furnace coming on, or b) my dog trotting through the room or, c) a Butterfly flapping it’s wings in a South American jungle, can have the affect of making the door open further or close depending on the direction and force of said currents.

Now if I’m not in the room and cannot see what, if anything is happening, the door can in Schrödinger’s estimation be thought of as open and closed at the same time. If I have my science right, this will cause a paradox which will bring about the manifestation of a black hole in my kitchen which in turn will suck up my refrigerator, the kitchen, the house, county and quite probably, the entire Earth. Just great Schrödinger, do you see what you’ve done? Do. You. See. What. You’ve. Done????

(Now, before the universe figures out it has a paradox to contend with I need to get this paper to a university that will pay good money for it.)

One comment

  1. I enjoyed your post about your refrigerator door. I can see how that could happen in an old farmhouse with slanted, uneven floors. The post about Schrodinger’s Cat? Didn’t enjoy that too much – not your post so much as the idea of a dead cat. I’m one of those crazy cat ladies, so that should explain it.


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