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shodo house

Mountains & Waters Alliance

In the middle of moving to the farm, I notice that I haven’t been updating. I’ll add a photo or two and brief information.

The farm is 17 acres near Faribault, MN, in the Cannon River Wild and Scenic District. The house is a converted barn, and one of the projects will be adding bedrooms.

During the first summer, things will be fairly informal, with focus on gardening, land care, and care of buildings. It will be possible to visit, and open events will be posted here. There will be opportunities for Zen practice, posted here, and here’s a description:

Vairochana Farm: summer practice

The land for Vairochana Farm has just been purchased. During summer and fall of 2014, you are invited to live, work and practice here. Practice style will be Antaiji/Uchiyama Roshi style.

Details: morning zazen plus additional retreats and study opportunities; approximately 30 hours of work per…

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