Don’t You Want To Be Rich?

If you keep up on the news these days it seems certain politicians want to blame the poor for their own problems, as if they chose to be poor. This poem points out how ludicrous that idea is.

I had a bruised banana and a beer for lunch.
I’ve had better fare so I know it’s not much.
Been down so long gotta roll with the punches.
No sense getting your underwear in bunches.

Panhandled today to get a little money.
Woman said “You better go get a job honey.”
By gosh that’s exactly what I think I’ll do.
I really think I’ve had enough of this poo.

Living on the streets, it gets pretty old.
It’s a great idea, it’s bought and sold.
I think I need to be a C.E.O.
Drive a Cadillac and watch my money grow.

What was I thinking wanting to be poor?
It was a fool idea, that’s for sure.
Can’t really understand what got into me.
Being rich and famous that’s the way to be.

So you poor people out there, just making do.
The life you chose ain’t the way to be cool.
So drive a Cadillac and have lots of money.
What’s the matter, Don’t you want that honey?


  1. I don’t exactly believe in pre-destination. But an awful lot happens when the sperm meets the egg.


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