You Won’t BELIEVE the Scandalous Thing This Man Does With NEEDLES!!!

Here’s a story by a guy I follow on WordPress. An interesting man who’s lived an interesting life. Worth listening to, I think.

It all started with a little pissy blurb about Madonna. “You Won’t Believe the Scandalous Thing Madonna Did Now!!!” Such urgency with all those exclamations…..

I don’t get a lot of internet time. I’m working up, knitting up my bears. I spend most of my day listening to the radio. Talk radio. So, I pop online real quick just to get some info on the world at large, that big ol’ sphere of fear that’s been casually working itself into a big boom of bad attitude. I don’t mean the globe, I mean the internet itself.

So, as I peek around the really BIG topics of the day (the missing airplane, the issue of Ukraine, Beiber’s move to Atlanta), I saw this little bit about Madonna over off to the side. “You Won’t BELIEVE it!!!!”

I’m a fan of the lady. Sometimes the music, but more so, of the impression…

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