I don’t believe in discrimination but…

“I don’t believe in discrimination but…” As soon as he said this I mentally prepared myself for what was to come next. He continued, ” I just don’t see why the gays have to make everything about them.” I looked over his shoulder and saw that he was looking at a story online about the St Paddy’s day parade in Boston.

“What do you mean,” I foolishly asked.

“The St Patrick’s day parade. It’s an Irish celebration. Why do they have to make it about them? I’m so sick of the gays making everything about them.” I tried to explain that it was about equal rights but he walked away, didn’t want to hear it. Anytime I hear “I don’t believe in discrimination but…” I know what I’m about to hear next. You really do believe in discrimination. Or racism or what ever else you’re trying to deny. So my question is this: Why do people think discrimination or racism or whatever else is okay as long as you have a good reason? “I don’t believe in discrimination but…”

If people think about things a little you can see that the media ran the story about the discrimination because of the discrimination. If the gay people had not been discriminated against, you wouldn’t have heard a thing about it. The gay group would just have been one of the many groups represented in the parade. However, because they were discriminated against by the parade organizers, it became a media event to be reported on, and the gay people get blamed for the media reporting about them.

Discrimination is not okay no matter what the reason. If people are tired of listening to people complaining about it it means there is still discrimination going on. When you don’t hear about anymore, it will be gone. Until then, expect to hear about it.

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