Blighted Land

children holding hands

Gripped and taken by a careless hand,
recklessly led through a ruined land.
To witness war waged on holy ground,
against those who are different, drinks all around.

Fear takes the mind, brings forth the hate.
The holy ones rage, it’s almost too late.
Leaders lead the charge, followers go along.
Believing they’re righteous, feeling they belong.

Celebrating their fear they band together
never learning how to be better.
To love one another, the true way to peace.
Their hatred and fear they’re afraid to cease.

Those who know truth, they do not blame.
They cannot understand, hang their heads in shame,
for their fellow humans who cannot feel
they are brothers and sisters, this is real.

I hold out hope for those who don’t know
that peace and love is the right way to go.
Gripped and taken by a care filled hand.
Lead me out of this blighted land.

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