Curling Dreams

Hand on the handle, right foot on the hack.
Sliding the stone, testing the ice.
Slide back, lift the stone, push off from the hack.
Stone on the ice, I push it forward resting
on the broom for support, I start to turn
the handle, just before the hog line
I let it go and the sweepers move to action.

I shout, “Hurry, Hurry, Hard, HARD!!!”
The sweepers sweep hard and fast as they move
with the stone down the ice. Suddenly I see
something on the stone. Sparks, I see sparks.
That can’t be, what is that? Then I see.
It’s a fuse, a bomb! I just sent a bomb
down the ice at my team mates and my opponents.

I shout and wave my arms. “Look out! It’s a BOMB!”
They wave casually back with questioning looks
as if to say, “What’s wrong with you?”
I try to get up and run. I can’t move, I’m frozen to
the ice. I shout louder but my voice seems very
far away. Smoke starts to pour from the stone,
but no one see’s it. They smile and wave.

They’re going to die. Finally I break free of the ice
just as the bomb reaches the other teams stone.
They hit and the world explodes. Smoke and ash
and pieces granite. Ice flies in all directions.
I leap out of bed. Breathing fast and heavy with
sweat in my eyes. Just a dream I think, a dream.
I’ve been watching too much Olympic Curling.

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