Just Another Day

Rolling hills of white and near white snow
sparkle in sunlight, relentlessly bright.
Blue gray shadows and traces of grass show
the contours and shape of the land.

Wind sculpts knife edged ridges resembling
sea and sand and birds and little mammals
leave tracks as if they were on a beach.

A hawk soars silently overhead seeking, searching
out prey, while turkeys, too large to worry
about him peck at open brown dirt patches.
The ever present wind moves bare tree branches.

Ice on the lake booms and snaps creating mini
earthquakes under occupied fish houses alarming
fisherman not at all. The fishing continues.

Breath comes in great frosty puffs from animal
and human as we are bundled against the cold
in cotton and wool and carry on our daily lives
as if this is just another day. And it is.

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