Oh come, Chi’ing Fung

Aeolus and Shu have have come together, conspiring against me today.
Mictlanpachecatl, Fujin, Enlil and Vayu, too powerful to stand against.
I am reduced to a shivering, quaking thing in the presence of their power.

Mato Wamniyomi, seeker of destruction, desires an end of me.
Bayamo and Aejej, Abroholos and Haizebeltza face me and laugh.
Fearing nothing, they move with speed unmatched to destroy.

As I struggle in my impotence and shake my fists at their anger
they become stronger, feeding on my fear, my angst, my failure.
They are legendary, they are many, they are legion, they are wind.

I pray for Chi’ing Fung, gentle breeze, to save me.

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