The Story Behind The Old Man Story

Not much of a story to tell really, but writing “The Old Man” was a experiment. A thought popped into my head the other day and it went like this: I saw an old man on a park bench with his finger in the air. First, I thought, where did that come from? Then I thought, I wonder if there is a story in that. So I sat down at the keyboard and started writing. I had no idea where it would go or what would become of it. I wrote it line by line. The first part started sounding good (I thought) so I continued it with a second part. In between writing the first and second parts I tried hard not to think about the story at all, which when I’m at work is not hard to do. My job keeps me very busy with no time to think of anything but work.

So I thought the second part was even better (better because I liked where it was going) and it continued into a third and what became the final part. Really, I hadn’t any idea when I sat down, what I was going to do with it. When the old man told Spence to get going NOW I didn’t know that the store behind them was going to explode. When it did, I had no idea why. It was very fun to write. As I put down each line, I thought about the next line. When the old man said, “There’s more to see,” I didn’t know then what it would be. Most of the time when I write, I’ve got an idea cooking before ever typing a word. Most of my poems are all but fully formed in my head before writing them. Then it’s just a matter of writing and rewriting until I think it’s good. With this story I had no idea at all and did almost no rewriting. I changed a couple lines here and there and that’s it.

I like it. I think it turned out well. I am an amateur writer at best and that is why I write a blog instead of books. The ‘very’ short story is a genre that I like. I like to develop an idea quickly, get to the meat of the story and then come to the finish. Most of my stories wouldn’t take up more than two or three pages in a paperback book so if I ever want to publish a book of them it’s going to take a lot. I welcome all comments folks. Whatever you think, let me know. People ‘like’ my writing on “The Window” but leave few comments. I’d really like to know what you think.

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