Really Ducked Up

I don’t know how many of you have heard about or care about the stuff Phil Robertson of the A&E reality show “Duck Dynasty” said in a recent GQ article. (Why in the world GQ would interview him is beyond me.) It is said he made some racist remarks and spoke a bit about homosexuality and the Bible. One of the biggest reasons why it went “viral” is because the Christian community seems to be on their guard lately for anything even remotely critical of Christianity or the Bible. Phil is a Christian and avid reader of the Bible and has no problem stating his feelings. A&E suspended him from the show when the article went public. Anyway, here is a link to the GQ article, and another link to a really good blog post about it. I was going to reblog this post but it’s a long article. It really seems like tensions are rising with people taking sides and vigorously defending their positions on the religion/homosexuality issue. The truth is, no one is going to change anothers mind with logical argument. People usually have to come to change their minds gradually, over time. Religious beliefs are really hard to change for a lot of people. As the blog post says, slavery, and the merits thereof, used to be talked about from Christian pulpits because the Bible advocated slavery. Slowly, over time, people began to realize what a horrible thing it was to have ownership over another human being and attitudes changed even though the Bible still says what it says. The Bible also says you’re not supposed to have tattoo’s, wear fancy clothes or make up, or jewelry or get divorced and yet many, many Christians take part in any or all of these things. So maybe with time, the homosexuality issue will go the way of slavery and people will start to concentrate on really important things like like not oppressing one another.


  1. I have no opinion on the subject Phil has made in GQ but I do and will defend our right to have Freedom of Speech. I guess it’s okay if people burn the American flag or the Christian bible and claim their actions as having the right as an American. But it’s also American go allow someone’s opinion…after all it’s just his opinion.


  2. Thanks so much for including a link to my blog in your article. 🙂 I appreciate the perspective you shared, too, as well as the fantastic title! Blessings to you and yours!


  3. I really like you writings, Butch, but I REALLY hate the crap that “Chrome” put me through when I try to log a comment. “Invalid password” etc

    That’s the only reason I do not comment more often. — Bill


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