Summer Weekend

pop bottles

Discarded pop bottles along the river
turned in at the Red Owl, nickle a piece.
Enough for the Saturday afternoon show,
25 cents, a dime for popcorn.

We see the “Three Stooges” or “Mighty Mouse”
and then the show, a western or war movie.

Walking home after, down main street,
old men in overalls sit on the bench
in front of the corner bar,
chewing and spitting, drinking.

Teenage boys in cars whistle and honk
at girls, and we think they’re
crazy, us not ten years old.

Men gas up at the filling station
because tomorrow, everything is closed.
After church we’ll play baseball
in the street or ride our bikes.

We’ll watch “The Wonderful World Of Disney”
on TV Sunday night, go to bed
and dream of far away places.

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