My friend Bill sent me an email today. This is it: “According to activist Naz Hendrix of Cape Town, from 2000-2008 In Israel more people died from peanut allergies than Hamas rocket fire.” Now Israel tells the world that it needs it’s apartheid walls, razor wire, checkpoints and military guards around Palestine to protect itself from terrorist acts by Palestinians. And yet terrorizing Palestinians by shooting at them and killing children is okay? If Israel needs all this to protect itself against children how will they ever be safe around peanuts? I think it’s time that the world comes together and eradicates the peanut menace from Israel once and for all. I mean for god sake people, peanuts are worse than Palestinians? How did this escape Rupert Murdock’s NewsCorp? Where is Fox News?

Not only did Israel choose to make it’s country right in the middle of someone else’s country, and not understand why Palestine didn’t like that, but now they are being attacked from within Israel itself. By Peanuts! Who knew? Who knew that peanuts could be more deadly than Hamas rockets? What kind of defenses will Israel build to protect themselves from this new menace? Will there be a propaganda campaign? “Save yourselves from Nuts.” Or, “Peanuts are deadly to Israelis, shoot on site.” Or how about, “Forget the Palestinians, It’s the Nuts that will kill us.”

All kidding aside, if you are reading this post, take some time to really look at the situation in Palestine. Israel has controlled and occupied Palestine for more than sixty years. The people of Palestine just want to be free. They go without food, and electricity. They go without basic things that you and I take for granted because Israel controls everything that goes into or comes out of Palestine. This is not right and it needs to stop. People should not have to live this way and the U.S. government should not be supporting it. Our government gives Israel millions of taxpayer dollars everyday which is used to oppress the Palestinian people. The powerful political arm of Israel is the lobby called AIPAC. They coerce American politicians into supporting Israel by threatening to ruin them politically if they don’t. Israel holds the leash of American government. So how do we change things? Boycott Israel. Don’t buy Israeli goods. Lobby your congress in your state and the Feds to divest from Israel and stop supporting them militarily. Join groups, give money or protest. Every thing you can do helps, no matter how small. No people should have to live as prisoners in their own country. Ever. I know, Lets throw peanuts at them.

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