Kitty and Me (A poem from Sophie’s Point of View)


Here we go again for my morning walk
at least I don’t have to listen to him talk.
He blathers on and on all day
but never really has too much to say.

Oh look there’s a kitty a wonderful treat.
Oh look there’s a kitty I’d like to eat.
Running and chasing if only I could.
Letting me go, if only he would.

I pull on my leash as hard as I can,
But I am stopped by this dreadful man.
Wait, no, I like him, he feeds me and such,
but maybe I don’t like him overly much.

He’s kind of amusing, I guess I’ll kill him last
or which ever one can run real fast.
The woman’s all right, the treats she’ll give.
Who knows, maybe I’ll let them live.

What is that smell, wait, where is it, there!
Ahh don’t stop me man please have a care.
How can I roll in it, get it in my fur?
If you keep pulling and stopping me sir?

Heading for home the walk was no fun.
I didn’t get to chase, I didn’t get to run.
If I get off this leash I’ll flee,
and then it’ll just be kitty and me.


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