Happy Little Green Blips


All humans see things from the same viewpoint. Their own. Ourselves and our own lives are the center of the universe. I don’t mean to say that people are conceited. What I mean is that when we belive something it’s based on our own opinions and life experiences. We see it as important or not based on how we have lived our lives and opinions we have formed and we will argue our point with others. We are the center of the universe and the world revolves around us. Religion, politics, and personal beliefs can and do play a part in how we think. We think of ourselves as the most important person and as long as we are pleased then the world is okay. We have our opinions, and see them as right.

Unfortunately this is the way a lot of people think. One friend told me that she didn’t like the Affordable Care Act because it reminded her too much of socialism and she was very much against any kind of government that wasn’t a democracy. She said if it were up to her, Obamacare would be gone. I asked her why it was okay for her to decide to get rid of Obamacare and wasn’t that kind of like communism to let one person make the decisions? I tried to explain that in a democracy the majority rules and people get to vote on issues like the Affordable Care Act. “Not in my democracy,” she said. “I get to rule in mine.”

I have come to realize that this is a recognizable syndrome and it’s called “Me First.” Or “Me Only” in some cases. I have had conversations with people who have said that they didn’t care what anyone thought, if they had their way, things would change. Now I understand that things need to change in government and elsewhere but the changes cannot just come from my mind. If we have a democracy then everyone needs to be involved in order to benefit the majority. So in order to lift ourselves out of our shells and try to see things from a different perspective I have an exercise for you to try. Imagine a radar screen. You know what I mean. Like the kind you see on TV that have the little green blips on them. So, the world is a radar screen and you are a lttle green blip on it. Now imagine the more than six billion other people in the world as lttle green blips on the same screen. Imagine that one of the little green blips on the screen has an opinion. This little green blip thinks that things should change. This little green blip is only seeing things from their own perspective. The little green blip starts telling other green blips that it doesn’t care what anyone thinks, if it was up to him things would change. Other green blips start getting mad. Pretty soon you have a problem on your hands.

Seeing yourself as part of the whole, helps you to see from a different perspective. Deciding things that only satisfy your own desires helps no one, not even you. We have to remember that the world is really a small place today. With the internet and world travel we have become a world community. What we do here can have wide ranging effects all over the world. So I think we should try to see ourselves as just one little blip among many, many other blips. When making a decision or forming opinions we should always try to see how it will affect others. Then we can all be happy little blips, green blips.

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