This Is (Not) Your Grandmothers Poetry Book

Well I’ve finally done it. I published my e book today. It’s called: “This is not your Grandmothers Poetry Book” It is available at It is only available as an e book but can be downloaded to a variety of e book readers and on to your computer as well. Get on your web browser and go to In the upper right corner of the web page there is a search bar. Type in “marshall armstrong” to search my name. If you don’t find it click on “Deactivate Adult Filter” at the bottom of the home page and search again.You should then be able to see my book on the page. It sells for a mere $ 1.99. And if you use this coupon code available only to my blog readers you will get it for the unbeleiveable price of just $1.00! I’m quite the salesman, yes? The coupon code is: XP62X You should be able to enter the code while checking out and it’s good till November 1st. I would love it if you would review the book at Smashwords once you read it. A good review goes a long way to making more sales. Thanks for being loyal blog followers!

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