Tribute to Highway 61

bob dylan

Bob Dylan wrote a song that you all should know
And if you never heard it then you need to go
And find you a record ‘cause you need to play it some
And head on down to Highway 61

Johnny Winter recorded that infamous song
With Edgar, Tommy Shannon and Uncle John along
On second winter yeah that’s the one
Now you can find them on Highway 61

Dylan’s on the highway with God and Abraham
Havin’ a chat with Howard and ole Georgia Sam
And the second mother and the seventh son
They’re all out there on Highway 61.

Now what it all means I really don’t know
The answer’s on the highway, you better go
Pack you a bag and stick out your thumb
And head on down to Highway 61

When I heard the story I nearly fell off the floor.
Grabbed my shoe strings and headed for the door
All these things can be very easily done
If you take ‘em on down to highway 61

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