Crossroad Blues

Here’s great poem by a poet and blogger in Canada. Hope he doesn’t mind.

Peterborough Poets

I was walking home late one night
late because I had been drinking
that’s what my wife tells me
and mostly she’s right

she says I drink to avoid her
drink to avoid our charming home
and mostly she’s right
that I drink all our money away

what I don’t throw away
and mostly she’s right
so I said to myself
as is a man’s sole right

to stalk in the night, muttering
alone piss drunk with fear rage and agitation
when he came behind me, and said,
“You’re mine, don’t worry,

you’ve always been mine,
don’t sweat it, let the big things
take care of themselves.”
I never looked behind me, all I said was,

“Get thee behind me.”
and as my wife likes to point out, I also added,
“You’ve got no agreement with me”
to which I heard a reply,

“Don’t need no contract with the likes…

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