In the good ole’ summer time.


It’s hot. Really hot. 92 degrees (F) with a dewpoint of 72 degrees. That means that the air is as hot and humid as the tropic zones. And Minnesota is on the 45th latitude. That puts us halfway between the equator and the North Pole. We should not be this hot. I guess I shouldn’t complain however, we have had 100+ temps and survived them. One nice thing about living in Minnesota is that the weather changes all the time. The heat will not last. It’s September after all and Autumn is on it’s way. That, is my favorite season. Cooler temps where you can wear clothes and be comfortable. Crisp clear air, fresh and breathable. Ahhh, I can almost feel it now while standing over the air conditioning vent.

This weekend, in Northfield Minnesota, it is the “Defeat of Jesse James Days”. On September 7th, 1876 the James gang attempted to rob the bank in Northfield. The robbery was thwarted and all but Jeese and Frank James were captured or killed. The festival, which is held the weekend after Labor Day, is one of the largest outdoor celebrations in the state. I went there today. I almost melted. Walking downtown with all those people and all the concrete and tar streets was too much. I stayed about an hour or so and came home.

So here we are, baking in the heat waiting for Fall to arrive. My dog Sophie, in her fur coat, doesn’t like it either. She pants and lays around. We go for our walks early in the morning when it’s fairly cool so we still get our exercise and then we stay inside. We’d rather have the windows open so we try not to use the air conditioning any more than we have to. But we’re enjoying the last of the “Good ole’ Summer time” because after Autumn comes the long cold winter. Enjoy!

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