Another Morning

The fog is so thick this morning that we can’t see the lake. Disembodied voices of invisible crows call to each other the morning news. “The man and his dog are out again, watch for them.” The fuzzy shapes of familiar things loom in the distance as Sophie and I walk down the road. Signs and mailboxes appear as ghostly images and only resolve into reality as we get close. I’m thankful for my blaze orange vest on days like this.

As I look in the direction of the lake I see a Great Blue Herron lift off the ground and fly into the air. It’s wings are so long and large it appears to fly in slow motion. Other birds join in the morning talk as shapes start to resolve themselves to us. The woods west of my house begin to show as the darkness of the tops of the trees against the sky becomes more apparent. The air takes on a golden glow as the turning of the earth reveals the morning sun. I am reminded of Ecclesiastes 1:5 in the Christian Bible which says: “The sun rises and the sun sets, and hurries back to where it rises.(NIV)” When that was written it was believed that the sun revolved around the earth but to the detriment of the church, Galileo proved it wrong.

The edges of the hills of the fields are now visible and I can see Sophie’s arch enemy, “The Calico Cat” down by the road. I wonder if she thinks it would taste like marble cake. Frog killing season is in full swing. The surface of the road is littered with their corpses. It looked as if the fog would lift but now it seems to be getting thicker. I think it’s going to cloud up today. The weather forecast calls for storms this afternoon.

So another day begins. Writing something about the Bible reminds me of the differences between people. I am friends with Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, Atheists, and Agnostics. We all have our various beliefs and we are all good people. In dealing with each other and the world at large, if we could just remember that we are good people, our differences shouldn’t make much difference. We are human first, and that sameness should bring us together.

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