A Dream

I dream that I am dreaming.
But how can this be?
For I am not asleep.

I dream that a Government
has been dreaming. Dreaming
a dream of a country of their own.

But their dreams have involved
many human rights violations,
much oppression and death.

And I dream of a People
who want their freedom. Who
want liberty, as others have.

Who feel they have no hope.
And nothing left to live for
but their dream of life.

The world does not hear their cries.
Or see the walls and razor wire.
The world does not see the camps,
the poverty and death.

Someday, the world must see, must hear.
Someday, the People will be recognized.
The world will know they are human
and stop the oppression and death.

Someday the dreamers will awaken.
And find the world is beautiful.
Someday, the world will not sleep.

I wrote this back in November, last year. Somehow, it slipped through the cracks. It’s about Palestine.

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