The sky is in turmoil this morning. My favorite of days; storms are brewing. The rain that was falling when I got up today has let up, so Sophie and I go for our walk. We’ll walk in the rain if it’s not coming down to hard. She loves it, and I can dry out. No problem.

On the road, Sophie sniffs at dead frogs, having recently met their demise under the wheels of cars. She leaves them be. A weeks worth of baking in the summer sun and these delicasies will be ready. Fresh frog jerky will provide her with half an hour’s worth of chewing pleasure. Next week she will ever so gently peel them off the road with her front teeth and chew away like a cow with her cud. Yum!

Dark rolling clouds are moving in. Lightning flashes, thunder can be heard and I rethink the wisdom of being out on the road. The weather forcast says nothing severe, just good old fashion thunderstorms. More storms tonight will provide some much needed relief from the heat and humidity we’ve had over the last few days. Sophie is a Husky Malamute cross and really suffers on hot days. So do I. I will take the coldest January day over that.

If you don’t like changes in the weather you won’t like Minnesota. It’s common to have below zero days in winter and 90 degree days in summer. Three years ago our winter dumped 85 inches of snow on us and the very next year we only had 18 inches. Summers can be wet and damp or hot and dry. I think that’s part of the character of the state and helps make life interesting here. The old saying is: if you don’t like the weather, wait a little while, it will change.

The hay is growing well after the first cutting two weeks ago, and with the heat we’ve had the corn is also doing well. Because we had such a wet cool spring this year, some fields didn’t get planted, and some were planted very late. No telling what that will mean for the harvest. I love living in the country, sharing in the joys and sorrows of our farmers, but I couldn’t make a living that way. To much worry. It’s a great gamble raising crops and animals for your livelyhood. Unlike farming, my steady job provides me with a regular income that for the most part in dependable. Nothing is a sure thing, but my job is much surer than farming.

Strips of blue sky are starting to appear and because of all the rain we’ve had it means another humid day. The trusty weather forcast promises lower dew points tomorrow, something to look forward to.

Sophie naps on the floor as I write this in my mangled notebook. Later I will transfer this to the computer for publishing on the blog. My wife is sleeping. She’s a night shifter and has been for more than 20 years. She was raised on a farm and is a red head and Irish. She’s small and pretty. She can be vulnerable at times but just let someone try to mess with her family. She raised a bear when she was a kid and knows how to take care of herself. She is a fierce lover of family and will protect hers at any cost. She’s my girl.

Time to get ready for work. I’ll put down the pen for awhile but if all goes well, I’m sure I’ll pick it up again.


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