Appreciating the Sunday afternoon drive

This is a blog that I follow by Audrey Kletscher Helbling of Faribault. She’s a writer and poet and does some wonderful photography. Hope you like it.

Minnesota Prairie Roots

ONCE UPON A TIME, I thought Sunday afternoon drives were reserved for farmers checking out the crops or for old people with nothing more important to do.

No longer do I think that. I now welcome these day trips into the country for the solace, the beauty, the discovery, the photo ops, the joy of whiling away an afternoon with no specific destination.

I love wide skies and open fields. I love old barns and gravel roads and cows grazing and tidy rows of corn. I love country.

In this crazy fast-paced world of scheduled activities and rare free time, such impromptu rural jaunts are to be embraced.

If you have not discovered the Sunday afternoon drive, you are missing out on one of life’s simplest and most soul satisfying pleasures.

FYI: The edited photos featured here are from a recent Sunday afternoon drive south and east of Faribault and…

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  1. This was one of our favorite past times when I was growing up. Everyone in the car; traveling out of the big city to see what was happening in the country side of rural MN. Sometimes we traveled all the way to Morristown to see relatives on the farm. I still enjoy my travels on the way to wherever and look at the fields, trees, waterways, animals.


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