The sky was very beautiful this morning as Sophie (my dog) and I took our morning walk. Dark, menacing clouds filled with the threat of storm rolled overhead. As it turned out, the storm had mostly passed, leaving nothing more than a light sprinkle of rain. Suddenly, a rainbow appeared. Full and wide, with all the colors showing. A sign in the sky, from Christian mythology, that God would never again destroy humanity with flood. Not a comforting thought, even if I were a believer, considering all the other ways “He” could dispose of his unwanted creation. A few weeks ago my wife and Granddaughter (the oldest of the four) and I saw a double rainbow. A double promise.

An Ojibwe legend says that Nanabozho noticed that all the flowers in the field were white and so he painted them with various colors. Soon two little Bluebirds came swooping and playing in the flowers, getting their feet colored by the paint. Nanabozho chased them away and as they flew back and forth over the waterfall by Nanabozho’s house they left streaks of color on the sky, which became the rainbow. I like this version, as it doesn’t involve destroying anything.

One Irish legend tells of the Vikings leaving some gold behind when they left Ireland. Leprechauns, finding the gold and knowing the greed of humans, decided to bury it in various places around the island. However, when a rainbow appears, it always shows where the gold is hidden.

In Greek mythology, the daughter of first-generation gods Electra and Thaumas, Iris dresses in rainbow colors. As a messenger of the gods, she flies on golden wings streaking the rainbow colors across the sky.

And of course, the gay community has chosen the rainbow flag for it’s own, signifying inclusiveness by containing all the colors of the rainbow. I like that too. All the colors representing all humans in all they’re various ways.

Some of you (my very appreciated readers) may have noticed that a lot of my poetry is kind of dark and depressing. I try to write about real life and sometimes life can be that way. The rainbow this morning reminded me of all the good there is in the world, all the good people working hard for good purpose. Good, good, good, happy, happy, happy! Bleah! I better stick to what I’m good at.

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