Israel’s Apartheid

The U.S. gives Israel 8 million dollars a day in support so they can build walls to separate and confine Palestinians in their own country. Israel arrests them, abuses them, bombs and kills them everyday. Why, you ask? Because Israel decided to make their own country inside Palestine and the Palestinians dared to say they didn’t like it. They dared to stand up for themselves. They ask for support from the rest of the world and the world ignores them. Israel took their land, bulldozes (Caterpillar) their homes, separates them from their families and the world looks away. Israel has control of everything, food, water, medicine, everything.

If you have a conscience, contact your congress people and tell them to make a change. It has to start with individuals and then to the government. A lot of Christians believe that they must support Israel because the Bible tells them that the temple in Jerusalem must be rebuilt before Jesus will return. The Israel of today has a secular government with little interest in rebuilding the temple. Not to mention the Dome of the Rock (Islam temple) is built on the temple site. So it makes no sense to support Israel for the purpose of getting Jesus to come back.

So please, look into this issue. Read about it, find out all you can and then tell your congress people to stop supporting Israel’s apartheid against Palestine. Please.

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