Getting fooled

First I’ll start off this post by saying that I don’t claim to be a Christian, so don’t get excited. I posted awhile ago about Jesus being a liberal. Now truthfully, there is no real evidence that Jesus even existed. But, the Jesus of the Bible was definitly liberal. He gave people free health care. He didn’t ask if they could afford it, or if they thought they deserved it. Didn’t ask for anything in return. He gave because there was a need. Also, he fed people. He didn’t ask if they could buy it themselves, or if they deserved it. Again, it was given because there was a need. He took care of people because he had the means to do it, and because they needed it. That’s a great example to live by, I think. Now, take that example and match it up to a good share of todays Republican politicians and see what you get. A wide gap in between. I’m not saying that all Democrats are liberal or that they’re all great and Republicans are all bad. What I’m saying is this; if they claim to be Christian then you can use this example to test them with. A lot of the politicians that claim to be Christian are against the very things that Jesus is said to have been for. That’s a puzzler.

So why the rant, you ask? I’ll tell you. I know people who are Christian. Very good, honest,people. The problem is that they vote for the candidates who claim to be Christian. Period. If you are honest, you tend to believe that others are too. If you’re a liar, you tend to believe that everyone lies. If you’re a Christian and someone else says they are too, you tend to believe they think like you do. It’s normal. It’s also easy to be fooled.

So what I’m saying here is, be careful what you believe about others. Be sceptical. Study, look carefully. Listen to what people say and then match it to your own beliefs, no matter who they are or say they are. It’s easy to be fooled.

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