Rights and Dignity

Here is a letter that I posted to my local newspaper in response to articles about my Minnesota state representative, Patti Fritz. For those of my readers who may not know, Minnesota is about to become the 12th state to legalize same sex marriage. Patti Fritz voted against the bill.

After reading the articles about Patti Fritz in this paper over the last two days, some thoughts arose which I feel the need to comment on. 57.8% of Patti’s constituency voted for the Marriage amendment while she voted against it. She didn’t feel the need to support the majority of her voters then but now with the marriage bill she does. Why the switch?

She said her religious views helped her to decide how to vote. We have a practice of keeping church and state apart in this country and with good reason. There are close to 50 registered religions in the US today. Which one gets to tell our government how to act? When you vote with a religious viewpoint you are saying that you beleive others should live by the dictates of your religion. Wrong thing to say, wrong thing to do. We are still a free country, last time I looked.

Ms. Fritz informs us that she comes from a loving and supportive family. It’s a fine way to show your support by voting against a bill that would give her gay niece the rights and dignity that most of us take for granted every day. Rights and dignity that she deserves as a human being. It is a shame and a travisty that our state is still denying people rights simply because they are different than others.

But that’s ok, because the senate will pass the bill and Gov. Dayton will sign it. Patti says she didn’t feel pressure to vote along party lines and that’s ok too. The pressure will come at reelection time. I voted for her in the past but I will not do it again.

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