Jesus was a Liberal

Jesus was a long haired jobless, homeless, anti-establishment political liberal who believed in taking care of the sick and the poor. He believed in love and compassion for all people. A friend of mine posted something like this on Facebook and it sparked my interest. I have spent many years studying Christianity as well as other religions and have always liked what Jesus stood for. But until you take a really close look at what the Bible says about him, it doesn’t hit you just how liberal Jesus really was. Here is a link to a website that explains this much better than I can.

Basically what it proves is that Jesus stood for all the things that conservative Christians today are against. And yet time after time you hear the conservative Christian politicians yammering on about how Christian they are and how our laws should reflect Biblical principles. I wonder which Biblical principles they are referring to. Love for all people, compassion, peace not war, non judgement? The list could go on and on.

Many people are lulled into a state of believing that the politicians know what they are talking about or it’s too much work to question them. When they say they are Christian, well, that can’t be a bad thing right? So it must be a good thing. In fact it has been my experience that some of the Christians I have met really don’t know Christianity all that well. Now I didn’t say ALL. I said “some of the ones I have met.” Maybe this is a fair sample, maybe not. A lot of people also think this way about politicians. People really need to read the Bible to see and really think about what they read. Jesus was a liberal.

So go to the link and read what it says. As I’ve said before, don’t take my word for it or the word of others alone. Look it up. Research. And when you figure it out, then listen to what the politicians say when they claim to be Christians and then want to take away health care and social security and mess with medicare. If they were Christians, they would act a lot different. Check it out.

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