Double Standard.

Like most everyone else in the country I have been watching and reading the news about the bombing in Boston. It is a terrible thing that happened, make no mistake about it, but I’m curious about something I’ve noticed. Every news report, and I mean every one, mentions that the suspects are Muslim. Every one. And as you may have noticed, every time something happens like a mass shooting or bombing or what ever it may be, if the suspect is Muslim, it is always mentioned. Funny, but I don’t remember hearing what religion Timothy McVeigh was do you? Or the latest school shootings? Do you remember hearing what religion the perpetrators were? Well I don’t. Most likely because it was never mentioned. Why then, is it so important for our media to make sure, and not only make sure but continually bring it up, that these bombing suspects are Muslim? Is our media and/or our government trying to make sure that when people hear “bombing” or “terrorist” they also hear “Muslim?” It certainly seems so.

Now let us consider the Westboro Bapist Church. Most of us have heard of them. They are the ones who picket sevice men and womens funerals and carry signs that say “killer” and things like that. They also picket LBGT functions and carry signs that say “God hates fags” and other crap. So is the Westboro Baptist Church typical of American Christians? Do the things they do represent mainstream Christianity? Here is a bit of a conversation I eavesdropped on at work the other day. Person 1 says: “Well they caught those bombers.” Person 2 says: “I heard they are Muslim.” Person 1 says: “That figures, but the pictures they showed on the news were of white guys.” Person 2 says: “Muslim white people? What the hell’s going on in the world?” Do Christians want to have Christianity pointed to every time a Christian does something outrageous? Do they want people to equate Christianity with shootings and bombings? Anyone know how many white Christian terrorists there are in the world? A lot.

So it seems we have a little double standard going on. I think we have enough rotten crap going on in the world without making it worse, don’t you? I know most Christians wouldn’t want to be allined with the Westboro antics and the Muslims I know don’t want to be allined with terrorists or bombing suspects. If you want people to have respect for you, you have to have respect for them. Treat people right and we’ll have a better world. What do you think?

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