Life After Winter

A thick blanket of snow provides
the perfect cover for a long
frozen slumber. Days lengthen,
air warms and we emerge
from our homes, blinking at
the sun, released from our cocoon.

Green points rise from brown
dirt, seeking the light.
A cacophony of sound after
the long cold season reaches
our ears. Geese overhead, a
frogs chorus, crows in trees.

Two lovers walk, speaking in
low voices, arms entwined, past
an unfreezing pond. The flag of
spring is a rainbow of purple martins,
blue jays, red cardinals, orange
oriels and yellow finches

all flying in harmony in the
warm spring breeze. We stand
in our yards, yawn and stretch,
warming tired, cold muscles.
and realize once again that
there is life after winter.

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