My Flag

This is a post I am recycling from my previous blog “Common Sense, or maybe not”

I have an American flag on a pole in my front yard. I noticed the other day that it’s getting tattered and frayed. I know that flag etiquette says that I should have it destroyed and put up a new one. The flag is the symbol of our country, but looking at this one is kind of ironic. It might make you think that some things are being neglected. It seems our government is having some rough times lately, not getting things done the way it should. A lot of fighting across party lines and within the parties themselves. Our national debt is larger than it has ever been and continuing to grow by the minute. Democrats and republicans refusing to work together, going as far as shutting down the government. Fighting with the president and trying to find ways to get what they want without giving an inch themselves.

If you look at the history of countries that have failed to be great you will find quite often that the downward slope began with problems in the government. People look to their government for stability. If the government fails, the people fail. The United States has always been a great nation. Sure, we’ve had our dark times but still, a great nation. We are a nation of many peoples from many places. 20 % of my town of 22,000 or so, are of races other than white. The city is starting a coalition of people to help every one understand each other and get along well. Cooperation, compromise. All it takes is to stop looking at yourself as the center of the universe and realize that there are a lot of other people at the center with you. Sometimes that can be hard to do.

Looking around I see that there are a lot of tattered flags besides mine. Maybe it’s time to clean up those flags. Maybe it’s time to vote for the kind of politicians who will cooperate and compromise with one another to keep our nation great. Maybe it’s time to get rid of the politicians who think they and their party are the center of the universe. The power of the people is greater than the people in power. I can do something about my flag, and I can do something about my government.

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