Lessons Learned

Here is another post recycled from my blog “Common Sense, or maybe not”

We have learned some interesting things from having dogs over the years. First of all, we do not own our dog. Our dog owns us. And if we are neglectful in our duty to our dog she will let us know pretty quick. Like by crapping on the floor. It’s our fault if she goes on the floor because we were not attentive enough. We were busy doing stupid people things like paying bills or doing laundry instead of lavishing praise and worship upon her. So, clean this up buddy. That’ll learn ya. Also dogs are non judgmental. They meet lots of people during their lives and they don’t give a hoot what you do, say or think. If you are friendly and nice to them they will allow you to lavish praise and worship upon them. Except the UPS drivers. It is perfectly alright to hate the UPS drivers and their trucks. It is perfectly alright to attempt to disembowel them and their trucks whenever they come on the property. Or drive on your street. Sorry, that’s just the way it is.

All a dog needs to be happy is a stick. We have bought our new puppy lots of chew toys already but the other day I watched her play with a stick. She threw it up in the air, chased it all over and then laid down for a nice chewing session. Perfectly content. It is also ok to chase your own tail. She will go round and round until she falls down and then shakes her head like she was in a trance. Happy for the sake of being happy. Who’d a thunk?

We have learned some other things from dogs too, which aren’t working out to well. Like, if I don’t want to go, I can just lay down wherever I am and refuse to move. I know if I tried that my wife would give me “The look”. Now I know what you’re thinking, but everyone has a “Look”. Another thing we have discovered is that it’s fun to stick your head out the window when you’re in the car. Of course if I do this while driving I could have my head taken off by a passing car, or get a ticket. And it’s ok to eat other dogs poop. Nuff said.

So we have learned that we need praise and worship lavished upon us a lot. We also need to be the giver of praise and worship. Also we should not judge or hate anyone. Just like, for the sake of liking. Except UPS drivers and their trucks. Again, sorry, but there just doesn’t seem to be anything we can do about that one. It shouldn’t take much for us to be happy. We shouldn’t need lots of “things” in order to feel complete. There is nothing wrong with being happy and content just because. One last thing we have learned from dogs. Ice cream is just about the best thing in the world.

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