This story from my fellow blogger Audrey Kletscher Helbling compliments my posts on the Dakota 38.

Minnesota Prairie Roots

WILL THE DIVIDING LINES ever connect into a complete circle of healing?

A century and a half after the U.S.-Dakota War of 1862 ended, can the Dakota and descendants of white settlers, and others, ever fully reconcile and forgive?

The issues that divide—of blame and of animosity, of death and of punishment, of land and of banishment, and more—remain, sometimes subtle and below the surface, sometimes exposed.

As a native of Redwood County in southwestern Minnesota and as a descendant of settlers who fled their New Ulm area homestead during the U.S.-Dakota War, I have always been especially interested in this conflict.

So when I learned that the City of Redwood Falls on January 15 joined the cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul in adopting resolutions “recognizing the 150th anniversary of the Dakota-U.S. War of 1862 and declaring 2012-2013 the Year of the Dakota,” I took note.

The resolution states…

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    • I read that somewhere but don’t remember where. After I saw the Dakota 38 film I wrote apost on my blog about it and was soon contacted by one of the people closely connected to the project and was asked to write a publicity piece that they could use. I felt it a great honour and it has been used in newspapers to promote the film. It’s on my blog. The name is Dakota 38 revisited if you want to read it. Have to go to work, bye.


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