Saturday Night

“Let’s sneak in to the show.” Jim, was always trying to think up exciting things like this to do.

“Why?” I said.

“ ’Cause I’m bored! There’s nothing to do.”

“ ’Spose we could. What time is it?”

“8 o’clock. Show’s just starting.”

“OK, let’s go.”

Bob, Jim and I head for the theatre. In the back alley, there is a window about 6 feet high with a really wide ledge due to the fact that the theatre walls are thick stone. The window leads into the theatre bathroom.

“Give me a boost,” I say. Bob cups his hands under my foot and up I go. I pry up the window.

“It’s open. We can get in.” I’m sitting on the window ledge when the back door to the theatre opens and out steps the manager. Bob and Jim bolt for the street. Each goes a different direction and are gone in 3 seconds. The manager does not even look at them.

“C’mon down,” he says.

I jump down. “ Uh, I was just wanting to use the bathroom…..sir.”

He takes my arm, “I’m calling the cops.”

We get to the door and he lets my arm go to reach for the handle. In 2 seconds I am down the alley turning the corner when my feet go out from under me. Loose gravel, wet grass, I don’t know. My head hits the ground and my glasses leave my face. It is pitch black. I went from zero to sixty in 2 seconds to get here. Suddenly everthing slows to nothing. As I’m sliding around the corner I reach out to steady myself and put my hand on my glasses. I am up and gone! Professional baseball players would have been proud. I hear the manager yell behind me but he doesn’t have a chance. I run through the alley to the next block, across the street through that alley and down to the river. I run along the river till I get to the park. No one here so I stop to rest. I can’t believe I got away.

I guess I’ll go home. My friends are gone, there’s nothing to do. What a ride!

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