Full length Mirror

full length mirror
The gun was warm in his hand.
He’d been holding it for awhile
and his palms were sweaty so
his grip was tight
and his knuckles were red.

The time had finally come.
Everything that came before
was gone now. Losing his job,
his girlfriend dumping him.
His dad beating the crap
out of him again. All gone.

He was 19 and his life
was going nowhere. Had never
gone anywhere. None of it mattered.
He finally realized,
Nothing mattered.

He sat in a chair
facing the full length mirror
and looked into his face.
He didn’t recognize himself.
Because he was nobody.

He put the barrel of the
gun against his temple.
The door burst open behind
him and Jenny appeared.
“Bobby…please don’t.”
And he looked up into his sisters eyes.

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