The two sat, in the vinyl covered booth
in the corner of the diner, not speaking.
As they sat, they daydreamed, she of a
wedding and a beautiful dress, he of his
football scholarship for college in the fall.

Her bare legs stuck to the vinyl seat in the
July heat as she thought about what she
would do. Stay working at the bakery she
guessed, as long as she could and keep
living with her mom in the trailer park.

His coach had told him there was nothing
to stop him now, he could go all the way,
he was the best. Well coach hadn’t thought
about this, that was for sure. Sweat beaded
on his forehead as he asked the question.

She said she would have the baby, of course.
He didn’t need to worry, she wouldn’t tie
him down. As he left the diner he felt a great
weight lifted off his shoulders. His stomach
though, was still tied in knots. She stayed behind.

He went on to college and became a football
star. She raised her baby with her mom.
They made her manager down at the bakery.
She would see his name in the paper once
in awhile and when she heard that he was
drafted, she saw him on T.V.

She wanted so much to tell her boy,
“that’s your daddy there, playin’ football,”
But she knew she couldn’t, wouldn’t do
that to him. Her life was alright, she thought.
It was better this way. And she cried.

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