What if….

What if I was sleeping in my bed,
and you broke into my house?
What if you had a drug problem
and needed to steal for money?

What if I woke up and shot you
with my gun?
My legally acquired, paid for
conceal and carry gun.

Is your life worth less than mine?
What if you have a mother?
Would she cry and say no mother
should have to bury her son?

Do you deserve to die
because you did something foolish?
Do I have the right
to take your life away?

Maybe you have children.
What if I had to face them
and tell them why
I took their daddy away.

What if I believe in God?
And I stand before God on my judgement day.
And God says “You killed one of my children.”
And I say “Yes Lord, but he was trying to steal my T.V.


  1. I like this one! And I agree… though I never thought of it that way before. Problem is, You don’t know what they are after and they could be coming in to rape or kill you. I guess I would rather protect myself and my family. I wouldn’t just do it … would have to be provoked. But it is something to be thought of. Thank You for sharing!


    • Actually statistics show that most home breakins are for robbery and more people are harmed or killed by there own guns. But I comepletely understand your feelings. Thanks for the nice comment.


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